Consulting Services

Marietta Systems can provide on-site or remote consulting services on an hourly basis. Rates are based on the length of the commitment.

Custom Application Development

Marietta Systems develops custom applications under fixed price contracts. We deliver the custom application source code, and the customer can subsequently assume responsibility for future modifications and enhancements to the application. We do not provide source code on our own applications, tools, and API sets.

Typically the bidding and development process is as follows:

Marietta Systems, Inc provides a software warranty for 12 months from the first complete delivery of the software. During this warranty period we promptly repair any properly documented errors in the software, at no charge. Errors must be reported by Fax or e-mail. This warranty applies to custom development, to our API sets and to our pre-built applications. Note that we provide a 12 month warranty from first complete delivery, not a 90 day warranty from acceptance. OUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY IS TO REPAIR ERRORS IN OUR SOFTWARE. WE EXPECT THE CUSTOMER TO THOROUGHLY TEST THE SOFTWARE BEFORE USE.

Extended warranties are available at an annual charge of 20% of the software development and license fees.


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