JigJumble™ - A unique puzzle game for mobile devices

People who like jigsaw puzzles love JigJumble

JigJumble™ brings unique, challenging, and fun Jigsaw Puzzles to your mobile device!  Buy it directly from your device from the Application Catalog!

Deceptively simple, JigJumble provides 4 levels of difficulty, using 20 carefully selected and cropped pictures.  The easiest level provides puzzles which can be completed in a dozen seconds, and at the hardest level, can be almost impossible to solve in a dozen minutes.

Each JigJumble puzzle is generated dynamically, producing an almost infinite number of challenges.  Every JigJumble puzzle is different and challenges players to repeatedly try to improve their times and puzzle solving efficiency.

Three game modes are supported for different game preference, including a timed mode and we support an option for subtle sound effects.

Whether you want a quick interlude or a serious distraction, JigJumble is the puzzle system for you.

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Answering your questions...

What's considered a good score?

It varies with both the picture and the level. A good player should be capable of completing each puzzle as follows:
Second level: 2 to 4 minutes and 15 to 40 moves.
Third level: 5 to 8 minutes and 50 to 80 moves.
Fourth level: 11 to 20 minutes and 100 to 150 moves.

HINT: Each puzzle is created anew from the picture, therefore you can select each picture many times at each level and solve a different jumble each time!

Which pictures are easiest?

It can be deceptive, but "English Cars", "Greek Ruins" and "Beach Stairs" are probably the easiest.

Which pictures are hardest?

It changes by level, but "Cactus", "Turkish Spices" and "Fancy Lights" are probably the hardest at all levels.  At the fourth level, "Pacific Sunset" and "Hidden Beach" become very challenging to finish.

Where did you get the pictures

We obtained the pictures from friends and family and have permission to use them with JigJumble.  Selecting and cropping the pictures proved to be the hardest part of the development because less than 1% of pictures are suitable for the puzzle.

What are the red crosses when I "show" a nearly complete puzzle?

When the puzzle is over 75% complete and you "show" the picture, out of position pieces are briefly marked with a red cross: X

Playing JigJumble

The main JigJumble screen lists the pictures available for selection

If you've previously successfully finished unjumbling a picture at the current difficulty level, your best times are listed.

◊  View all the pictures by moving the list up and down.

◊  Go to "Preferences" by tapping the round button in the bottom right corner

◊  Select any picture by tapping on it

Modify puzzle settings on the "Preferences" screen

◊  Choose the degree of difficulty from four options.  We recommend starting with the "Easy" setting and move up gradually as you become more experienced solving the puzzles!

◊  Select the style, whether the puzzle solving is timed and whether the number of moves is shown.

◊  Select whether subtle sounds are made during the solving of the puzzles.

The puzzle screen displays the puzzle, hints and status, and a button to display the unjumbled picture.

To solve the puzzle, tap on any two pieces in sequence to swap their position.  Keep doing this until the puzzle is solved.

The displayed puzzle is a picture of the Taj Mahal using the medium difficulty level on a normal sized phone screen.

To accommodate smaller screen devices, such as the Palm Pixi, the [Show Picture] button can be replaced with a small round button (see below), but with the same effect!

To maintain the size of the puzzle while accommodating smaller screen devices, such as the Palm Pixi, we support full screen mode.

We also provide buttons to switch between full and standard screen mode.

The displayed puzzle is a picture of an orchid using the medium difficulty level on a Palm Pixi.

Tap this button to show the picture.

Tap these buttons to switch between full screen and standard screen modes.


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